Public Works

Welcome to the Public Works Department

This is a very limited area consisting of the 1000 block of North 7th Avenue, Franklin Street between N 7th Avenue and the 1000 through the 1300 block of Pawnee Avenue.

Administrative Offices:                                                                            DSC01750
P O Box 4000 - 421 N 4th Street
Sterling, CO 80751
Phone: (970) 522-9700
Fax: (970) 521-0632

The Public Works Department provides planning, design, construction and maintenance services for the general public and the City of Sterling’s internal operations. Permits for residential and commercial properties, building inspections, and code enforcement are all supported by the Public Works Department. Management, maintenance, and administrative operations of city streets, sanitation, water, water treatment plant , waste water plant, solid waste management and sewer services for the City are included in the department responsibilities.

Public services provided by the department include: street maintenance and repair; snow and ice removal; trash collection, mosquito control and Planning Commission meetings are scheduled, coordinated and supported by Public Works Department.  

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