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The Finance Department accounts for the collection, disbursement and investment of the city funds; administers the accounting, payroll and record systems; issues licenses and does all activities relevant to the City Clerk’s Office as defined in the City Charter and Code.

The Department staff consists of seven people including a Director, who serves as City Clerk, a Finance Superintendent, who serves as Deputy Clerk, a Purchasing Technician, a Sales Tax Technician, and three Account Clerks.

How to read your utility bill.   Your Water, Sewer and Trash pick-up.

Payment options for Water, Sewer and Trash pick-up:
 Mail with return portion of bill to P.O. Box 4000. Sterling, CO. 80751. 
 Drive-up window located on the West side of the City Hall building, 421 N. 4th St. Sterling, CO
 In person at City Hall in the Finance office.  
 On line with Point and Pay.

Utility bill automatic payment service.   Direct withdrawl from your bank account to the City for Utility payments.

City Sales Tax:    
The City Collects this for tangible retail sales.
Tax Rates:
City of Sterling            3.0%
Logan County             1.0%
Platte Valley RTA Tax    0.1%
State of Colorado          2.9%
Total Tax:                  7.0% 

City Sales Tax e-Form  Use this form to electronically submit your application directly to City of Sterling.

Printable Sales Tax Application

Printable Sales Tax Return

Sales Tax Return Instruction Booklet

State of Colorado Tax Information


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