Tour Your Police Department


SPD officers are always on hand to conduct tours of the SPD to citizens of all ages. Many tours, lasting approximately 1/2 hour in length, are given annually. Tours are requested by preschool groups, youth organizations such as the Scouts and 4-H groups, church groups, school classes and adult community organizations.

This is one more opportunity for the officer to build a relationship, not only with the adult citizen, but most especially with our youth. During each tour, not only do students learn of the physical structure of the PD, but what services occur in a particular area, such as fingerprinting. Students especially enjoy sitting in a squad car, and learning about the in-car video cameras and hearing the sirens. At the end of each tour, students will receive a “goody bag” and receive a badge which makes them a “Junior Police Officer.” Officers are willing to visit with tour groups regarding any aspect of public safety, and do so, often. Topics covered are traffic safety, personal safety, with ample time for any questions from the group.

If you would like to schedule a tour, contact SPD Administration at (970) 522-3512. A date and time for your tour will be set and your group will be welcomed by an office in the reception area of the police department, at 421 N. 4th Street, Centennial Square.

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