Neighborhood Watch

Crime vigilance continues to be a high priority for the Sterling Police Department, and is strongly encouraged as well among citizens.  Evidence of this goal is seen in the very prominent street signs posted in areas of Sterling showing that the posted block is a member of the Neighborhood (NH) Watch Program. A neighborhood Watch Program is a group of organized citizens devoted to crime and vandalism prevention within a neighborhood. In the United States it builds on theconcept of the town watch usedin colonial America.  Most areas are one block, and each block has a block captain.  Each block is required to have two meetings per year.  The responsibilities of the “neighbors” who watch for crime in their area are to contact the police department, and not attempt to handle the situation on their own.  Sergeant Warren Sica was assigned in December of 2006 to coordinate and oversee the expansion of the NH Watch Program into more sectors, as well as developing active participation by neighborhood watch participants.  

There are 18 Neighborhood Watch Sectors in the City of Sterling.  Blocks/Sectors have been established at the Northeastern Junior College residence Halls: Guenzi, Reed and Breidenbach Halls, Williams, Poole, Dowis and “Herbie” (Herboldshiemer) Halls. In 2011, Sergeant Sica expanded block areas to include three more in the area of Jay Drive and Lark Lane, making a total of 18 blocks in the city. Sergeant Sica has also approached MacGregor and MacLaren Houses in Brigadoon Village about becoming neighborhood sectors. 

Sergeant Russell Baca has taken over the neighborhood watch position as of Sgt. Sica’s leaving. 

If you are interested in organizing a neighborhood block, or wish to have more information on the program, please contact the Sterling Police Department at (970) 522-3512 and ask for Sgt Baca. For dates and times of any upcoming meetings check out the master calendar for all departments, check back here on the Neighborhood Watch tab or check our Facebook.

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