Forestry Division Information

Forestry Division
A division of the Parks, Cemetery, and Forestry(PLR)Department, we have a 2-man crew that works daily on maintaining our City Trees.  

Action Requests
Our Forester's work on Citizen Action Requests daily.  A Citizen can call the PLR Administration Office at 970-522-9700 or click here (Action Requests), to request a tree be looked at on the City easement on their property.  Easements are based on street center points and will vary from street to street.  When a call comes in from a Citizen, our head Forester will go to the property and measure to make sure that the tree in question is on city property, then from there determines what needs to be done with the tree.

Tree Planting Program
The Forestry division has a Tree Planting program, to help Citizen's plant trees in the City easement on their property's.  The City will reimburse half of the amount of the tree up to a maximum reimbursement of $100.00 per tree. You can come to City Hall and pick up a form, or click here (Tree Planting Program) to download the form.  Fill out the form, and return to the PLR administration.  Our Forester will go and check the placement of where the Citizen would like the tree to determine if it is on the easement.  
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