Burning in the City limits of Sterling


Who needs an Open Burning Permit? Anyone performing a non-exempted open burn in Colorado.

Who doesn’t need an Open Burning Permit? Campfires, non-commercial cooking fires and agricultural burning are exempted or (excused) from open burn permitting.

These burns are still subject to Fire district and Municipal fire rules.

What is Agricultural burning? Agriculture burning is the burning of water conveyance ditches and/or fields to prepare land for the planting of COMMERCIAL CROPS. Land zoned as “agricultural” does not automatically provide exemption from open burn permitting.

What materials may be burned? Untreated, natural wood (sticks and branches), leaves, grass, slash, weeds. All burns must be performed in open piles. No burning in barrels or incinerators is allowed.

What materials are NOT allowed to be burned?Tree stumps, tires, chemicals, plastic, cut lumber, construction debris, trash. Burning of these materials produces pollution that is harmful to the environment and the health of you and your neighbors!What happens if I burn without a permit?Air Quality Control Commission Regulation 9 provides guidelines for open burning. Burning without a permit or burning of prohibited materials can lead to a sizeable civil penalty of up to $10,000.00 per day. (per R.R.S. 25-7-123) GET A PERMIT BEFORE YOU BURN!

Before you burn

Check with your local Fire Department regarding fire safety and municipal rules.

Apply for an open burning permit with the local health department or CDPHE.

On the day of your Burn

Inform your Fire Department that you plan on burning at least 1 hour prior and wind speeds should be less than 15 mph.

Call Dispatch at 970-522-3512 or Sterling Fire 970-522-3823. Please view our website: www.sterlingcolo.com

Make sure the fire is out COLD before sundown.


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